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Using Destinator SDK with .NET

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  • Using Destinator SDK with .NET

    I am currently developing a mobile application that will require the use of the Destinator SDK for a Pocket PC (Dell Axim) that is running Microsoft Windows Mobiles 5.0. Has anybody been able to use the non .NET dll DestDLL.dll, or DestSDK.dll in the .NET framework? I have been successful when making non-mobile applications in .NET by using DLLimports and CreateObject, but these are unavailable for mobile apps. Any suggestions? If anyone has been successful I would love to hear how, and if possible maybe even some sample code. Thanks in advance.

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    I am using Pocket PC 2003 and Destinator 5 SDK and I'm trying to import it into a VB.NET project. Having difficulties, even with DllImport function.

    If anyone can help with this it would be great. Thanks

    PS: If you know where i can get a .NET wrapper class for Destinator SDK, that would be greatly appreciated.


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      It sux, the DestSDKLib.dll can be nicely imported in a win32 .net project.

      Can't test it working coz i don't have PC version of Destinator, only have PPC.

      Unless the SDK version that came should work, it didn't for me for some reason