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  • Not working with Frodoplayer


    I had MapMonkey working (with Frodoplayer) on the Carputer before I went through a rebuild (new hardware and a complete re-format of C: drive).......

    I have reinstalled Frodoplayer and it works fine... I just reinstalled Destinator 3 and then installed MapMonkey.....

    When I click the GPS button in Frodoplayer, it switches screens (blank screen with HIDE in the upper right corner).... then it flashes back to Frodoplayer Media Player screen.... It is like MapMonkey starts but quickly exits.... If I start Mapmonkey from it's START - Programs spot it starts, but is not recognizing my maps..... It shows me London.... Now also maybe a problem, I have not yet gotten my GPS engine working (Garmin 15L)..... That is another problem..

    I have been searching the forum for the past 1hr and didn't really see a similar link.....

    Anybody got any ideas?????

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    Ok first of all you need to put MM launcher inside the MM main folder, then open FP.ini and edit the GPS MM path to point that launcher,finally go to setting 2 and select MM in GPS.

    About the maps you have to open MM and hit the button "switch maps" then if you descompress your maps in the right folder you will see the name of you state there.

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      Thanks, just what I needed to know.