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Are Canadian maps better with destinator pn?

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  • Are Canadian maps better with destinator pn?

    I finally got destinator 3 and am so disappointed with the quality of the Canadian maps.
    Winnipeg (a city of 600,000) has a map with about a dozen streets in it.
    I'm amazed we can all fit on so few streets. :P
    Anyone manage to get Destinator PN working with mapmonkey and can they look at Winnipeg? Let me know if they actually have some detail to the map?
    (I'd hate to throw another $100 at this project just to get the same maps all over again <sigh>)

    Thanks in advance.


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    Have you called or email'd them to ask?

    I'm curious about this as well.


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      Well, at least setting speed cameras work off of the few streets listed for Winnipeg.
      But it is pretty boring driving around in the big white nothingness that our city seems to contain.

      So noone has PN that they can check the Canadian maps?


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        How old are the maps oyu have? There are probably newer ones available.


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          I agree. Destinator is one of the worst. Look at Sudbury, Ontario. It only consists of an off/on ramp to the highway.

          I haven't gone wrong using iGuidance or MS Streets. In fact, I drove across Canada and back through the northern US last summer using MS Streets. The maps were aprox. 4yrs old, so any newer roads didn't show up. I can't vouch for MS Streets 2006. For what I was doing, MS Streets was the best, because I would plan my next day, including possible campsites. The following day I would often rely on the phone numbers from MS Streets for camp grounds. Over 90% of the numbers were valid. I also liked MS Streets the most because it was easy to drop eggs along the trip that I used to map were I took pictures such as all the flooding in Manatoba.


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            My latest trip was done with iGuidance and it worked very nicely.
            What I was wanting destinator (and mapmonkey) for is local roving about town and having mapmonkey warn me about speed cameras.
            I put a few in using the sparse map and while they went into place ok, it had quite a few issues locating them again.
            One time, it warned me of a speed camera about 10 blocks up, 2 streets over and through a shopping mall. Not the most useful warning I've had.
            I'm guessing the lack of streets in the city is confusing the software pretty bad.


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              What is your maps version? Doesn't matter if you just have D3 - the maps can contain the newest data.