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Found Satellite but maps do not move!!!

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  • Found Satellite but maps do not move!!!

    Hi all,

    Following the whole SDK map not registered etc problems I resorted to FreeDrive. FreeDrive is cracking but is obviously much younger, lacking some of the more advanced controls/menus. The other day I decided to give MM another bash so reloaded it. It seems if you have free drive working i.e. no sdk not for sale messages, MM works, at least it did for me.

    With this excitement I thought I would use MM only although it finds the GPS and then shows me the lovely graphics with the satellites connected, when I start driving the map does nothing, the speed doesn't change etc. How can this be, surely if it is connected it should change the map? Any ideas?

    Also, seen someone else with the same problem but not seen a fix for OSK not working.

    I'd really love to get using MM again, any fixes would be appreciated.

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    I may be stating the obvious but unless you have a fix the map won't load. The GPS receiver will spit out data no matter what, and MM will receive it no matter what it is; but it will only do something about it if it is reading in as fixed. So, in short, you may be connected but not have a fix.
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