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injecting live POI's to mm

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  • injecting live POI's to mm

    Is it possible to inject POIs live, to MapMonkey?

    I have a tracking application running, where I get positions from some nearby cars, and other things.

    Now I use a seperate program (ui-view), that shows static maps, but it would be nice if I could implement the information in my navigation software, so that it would show the other cars arround me.

    / Thomas.

    Ps. for those interested, it is APRS, Amateur Position Reporting System, which is run on HAM radio channels..

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    Im also very interested about this. Not quite for same purpose but had a idea for plugin which would benefit from injecting of realtime updated pois (i know that garos extra POIs plugin can be used for injecting, but does mapmonkey read this info in real time). So Ninja is it possible? and if it is what is the format?