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ETA and ETR calculations misleading

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  • ETA and ETR calculations misleading

    Hi all,

    I have just travelled from Stansted Airport, north of London into Central London. Initially, MapMonkey told me it would take about 30mins.

    The problem with the calculation method is that whatever speed you are currently doing, it assumes you will continue with this speed the whole way to your destination. In my case, there was a motorway for two thirds of the journey and the remainder was 30 or 40mph roads.

    My feeling is that MapMonkey should calculate it's ETA and ETR based on your current speed for the section of your route you are travelling on and to calculate the remailder based on the speed limits for those other remaining roads. This would lead to a far more accurate ETA and ETR.

    Maybe I am asking too much but I noticed from the release notes that the method of calculating the ETA was completely reworked.

    I am new to MapMonkey but I have to say that it was brilliant and got me to my destination perfectly - luckily I have a rough idea of what the ETA would have been.


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    perhaps you should try out freedrive.. there is a lot more development going into it at the moment.. and I bet you this request will integrated into freedrive a lot sooner...

    but then again.. Ninja monkey.. might have been working on a new release this whole time without telling anyone..
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      Yeah, Map Monkey development has been pretty quiet. There're a few bugs in there that haven't been fixed since forever, much less new features. Hopefully we'll hear from Ninja Monkey again soon.
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        Hi all,

        I downloaded FreeDrive and I have to say that if I didn't know it, I would have sworn that I was using TomTom - it was great.

        I just today drove from Santander to Vitoria in Spain and the ETA was excellent. Unfortunately, my destination was just off the highway so I didn't get much of a chance to see what would have happened if the destination was in the centre of town. I am back in Dublin tomorrow so I will check a route from the Airport to the city in the next few days