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  • I am a n00b... apologies in advance if this pushes the n00b annoyance barrier a bit..

    I've been running RR for a while and decided to get with the program and get GPS up and running.

    Question: how long after I pay for the SDK will I get the info on how to download it?

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    road runner is open source, so what are you paying for? Destinator?

    That's a question you should be asking the software publisher..
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      Its been said that he wants to buy SDK (for Destinator I assume).
      to ianken: Powerloc has pretty poor support. I have seen a post from somebody who was crying out he paid for SDK 3 weeks ago and still hes got no download link.
      Hint: did you try Freedrive? It comes as complete pack with all you might need. only maps are needed.


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        Thanks for the tip on freedrive, I'll investigate that.