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How to minimize (selfmade) plugin?

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  • How to minimize (selfmade) plugin?

    Im making a plugin for mapmonkey to create advanced logs (better than the standard logging). Like a setable log-interval, and extra logs like satcount and heading. Im also trying to add an option to directly connect to comport (using xport or whatever) and get even more accurate/loggable data. I also made a php/mysql page to load these logfiles and get nice dayoverviews in google-maps. When im done with a little bit of debugging I'll make it public and let everyone be able to use it.

    The problem im facing is that when I start mapmonkey it will start the plugin maximized and in front of mapmonkey, while I coded the plugin to start minimized. How can I let the plugin start minimized, or even better in the systray?

    Im coding this in Delphi.

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    The problem is, when mapmonkey is embedded in roadrunner, and my app. starts in front of it (rr and mapmonkey) im not able to touch anything, so it looks like it freezes.