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BUG: Map Monkey not showing city/street/zip/etc pick list

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  • BUG: Map Monkey not showing city/street/zip/etc pick list

    I have come across a recreatable bug where the picklist that shows you City/Street/Zip/etc does not appear. (Although the OSK does).

    1. Launch Map Monkey from Media Engine.
    2. Go to plan a route and the picklist is present
    3. Return to Media Engine (with Map Monkey still running)
    4. Return to Map Monkey from Media Engine
    5. Go to plan a route and the OSK appears but the picklist is not there. You can just see map where it should be.

    Obviously this is a bit of an arse. Once you've launched Map Monkey from Media Engine you can't switch to Media Engine and back again.

    Any thoughts on this Ninja Monkey? Do you think it might be a Media Engine problem?

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    Fit whit this
    Originally posted by Ninja Monkey
    Try re-downloading this and then setting the search string to:

    Map Monkey -*
    Before you paste the files over the existing one change skin to MM to make appear the window you lost. Run it stand alone to see if the windows come back. Then paste the file and try to run embedded.
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      I'm not running MM embedded though. When you launch an app from Media Engine the app runs full screen and a small "widget" sits at the top of the screen which lets you return to Media Engine (and change songs etc).

      I will give that fixed EXE a go though..


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        Tried it and it doesn't fix this bug.

        Ninja Monkey.. what's going on here?