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2 bugs: Map stops tracking location and error message

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  • 2 bugs: Map stops tracking location and error message

    OK, say I'm driving down the road. The map is moving on the screen, tracking my location. I have Adv GPS mode turned on. If I drag on the map to move it, the map moves correctly, but if I keep driving, sometimes the map won't automatically go back to my current location. Sometimes it will though. When it doesn't, I press Menu - Show Route - Home, and that sometimes fixes the problem. When it doesn't I've fixed it by closing Map Monkey and restarting it. But sometimes that doesn't work either. When I go into the Motorola Oncore software, it shows me that my GPS is still spitting out NMEA information. So, that's problem #1. Any advice or tips to try something differently?

    My second problem happened to me today when I got an error message in Map Monkey. Unfortunately, I was driving though, so I couldn't take a screenshot or write anything down. A button to save bug reports to the hard drive would be nice for a future version. Anyway, I remember that the details mentioned something about AdvGPS, like "Index out of range" or something like that. I clicked OK and continued to get the message another 20 times, maybe about every 20 seconds or so until the first problem occured, so I gave up for the day.

    *UPDATE* I just saw this thread - - That's very similar to, if not the same, as the message that I received. But I'm pretty sure I already have that update and my satellite counter in the corner of the screen said 7 or 8 when this error occurred. Also, the map was still tracking me during the first few minutes of receiving these messages.