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  • Destinator 3 maps

    Ok I installed mapmonkey, copied the maps to C:\destinaotapps\destinator\"my Map Names"
    however in mapmonkey when you go to switch map I dont have any of my maps? Is there a .ini file that I need to configure?

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    maps need to be in C:\DestinatorApps\Destinator

    like C:\DestinatorApps\Destinator\USA3
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      Mine are like the above I had a typo on the post. I did change my names of the maps to Westcost, newengland states, southwest, ohio, michigan, greatplains. On Ninja Monkeys Website says you can do that. However when running Ninja Monkey and try switching maps, you do not see anything listed.


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        Make sure there's a WCE.TXT in each map folder
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          Thanks Ninja Monkey, That is what I was missing no wce.txt. Nice work on the Front End, its awesome that guys like you do this for fun and put the software up for others. I hope that the people that are selling kits with your software and others are at least giving you guys credit and maybe some time of kick back.

          Thanks again!