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Mapmonkey 1.1.3 release crashes and exits only when GPS in use

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  • Mapmonkey 1.1.3 release crashes and exits only when GPS in use

    I started getting this ever since the release version, at first I thought it was related to GPSGate as it crashed every time I started feeding it NMEA data on the com port but then i decided to plug my gps mouse into the PC and it crashes when receiving data from here too.

    I dont have to do anything to make it do this, just load it up and have GPS on, not even asked for a route and indeed not even moving far since the GPS mouse on the window ledge in my house.

    If I turn off GPS Gate OR disconnect the GPS mouse so that its not getting any mre data, it'll sit there for hours on end with no problems, then feed it NMEA data on real GPS or GPS Gate and it bring up the usual windows application crashed window (ie send/dont send report to M$).

    Any thoughts?

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    I have the same problem... But it just closes the application... Also it cannot lock to ANY sat!!


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      hehe, i'm going to get a name for having conversations with myself

      But, I just thought i'd try the same experiment without using Advanced GPS and using the built in Destinator GPS and that works flawlessly with both real and logged NMEA data, quite strange!

      now just got to get it linked in with the sdk which stopped working with the new version


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        I still have the same problem, mapmonkey crashes when i have gps connected. Can someone help me??


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          cougarz - Curious, are you running in adv GPS mode?

          I can run solid when not, when I enable advanced it will connect I can see the sats, coordinates, speed the map moves and all...but 20-30ish seconds it crashes.

          Correct me if I am wrong...when running in advanced mode you set destinator to something different than the actual GPS port, correct?

          Thanks for any insight on this,


          Edit [Thanks cougarz for the heads up on the GTXP.dll, giving that a try as well]


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            yes i'm rynning advanced gps mode, and the ports showed in mapmonkey settings are not the same as destinator shows. And if i ask t check for gps destinator says it's not present. Anyway i read this is normal in advanced GPS becouse destinator has not anymore the control of GPS settings.

            Anyway it seems i solved the problem installing the new GTXP.dll file. Still to verify deeply


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              cougarz - This fix did resolve it for me as well, thanks again.