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  • CLOSE error

    With version 1.1.3 I get after some seconds of MM running or maybe minutes the close message box that (if it set to) it tells you to send or not to send a report!!

    I have advanced GPS on and I get sat lock..

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    Nobody can help???
    Is there something I could do to fix it?


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      I'd check for memory/processor issues if you're the only one getting it.. I never had a MM error like that (unless I run it more than once )
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        you have to give a little more info than that. What does the message box say. Does it have a details button?
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          I have attached the file with the details I get!!!

          I get this error both in desktop PC and CarPC..

          I've noticed that if I have enabled in the settings.ini to communicate with custom apps it will take tolnger to freeze
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            I get the error about gtxp.dll


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              I only get this error when I have advanced GPS enabled... Could it be something with BT GPS receiver? It is the navman 2100!!