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MM doesn't close at shutdown

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  • MM doesn't close at shutdown

    I've set up my powerbutton to shutdown when pressed.
    This is done by my ITPS shutdown controller.
    In the previous versions of the Destinator frontend there were no problems.
    Now, with Map Monkey, a press on the powerbutton shuts down all applications but won't shutdown the system.
    When i look in the task manager I see the mapmonkey.exe still running.
    It can't be closed by windows?
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    Ehm.. Even when I choose the 'close' button on the blue mediacar top bar, I go back to the main screen, but MM is still running in the background..
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      I´m running RR with MM embedded and the same problem. I press the button to shutdown the PC, all applications close but the pc doesn´t shutdown. If i press the button again the pc shutdown.
      When only RR is running the pc shutdown without any problem.

      Ányone some ideas?


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        Shutdown problem.

        I have the same problems too.....Can Ninja Monkey have a look why it is like this. I am running the lastest version with MCE 2005.


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          anyone knows? i have the same problem. i must do start>shutdown>shutdown for 2 times


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            Is there now over time a fix or workaround for this problem?
            It would be great if it can be fixed, sometimes my pc does not shutdown correctly and my car battery is empty...


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              The only thing that would effect shutdown that I can think of would be the option "Reconnect on power resume" (or something like that) which watches the system for a hibernate command.

              Try disabling that option and seeing if it still happens
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                Mmm.. does not help here... but maybe i am doing something wrong...

                You can reproduce the problem if you start map monkey with a GPS reciever and then just push the power butten, windows should now close all apps and shutdown.

                Now you'll see that mapmonkey, altrough its gone from the screen without errors, is still running in background, also the pc wil not shutdown.

                If i push a second time on the power button, it closes mapmonkey and shuts down normally. This all without a single error.


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                  MM not shutting down

                  I am having the same problem as all of you. MM won't shutdown if I press the power button just go to the desktop. Has anyone resolved this problem yet? It is very irritating.



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                      Also having this issue. When my pc close it exits all applications (RR etc) and then I get a message waiting to close mapmonkey.exe. I have to click "End Now" for the computer to shutdown properly.

                      I have found a workaround for those who are interested:
                      In the registry - HKU\.Default\Control Panel\Desktop
                      set the following values-
                      AutoEndTasks = 1
                      WaitToKillApp = 500 (5sec Default 2000=20sec)
                      This will exit all non responsive programs when you shutdown.
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