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"drive carefully" and then no more notifications...

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  • "drive carefully" and then no more notifications...

    after starting the navigation ("drive carfully") there are no more instrucions.
    I miss the voice instructions i. e."turn right" or so...
    also, when i'm leaving the route, nothing happens!
    Please help me!!
    Thanks a lot!!

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    Alert settings - signs visual notification should give you verbal and visual notification.
    works with me (and the rest of us:P )


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      I set this option... no change at all.
      also there is no automatic recalculation when i get off the route...


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        Make sure you don't have the voice pack set to "Notifications Only"

        The route recalculation won't happen straight away, it takes a few hundred yards before it decides you're definitely off course (and it's not just a positioning error)
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          thanks for your reply!
          But I tried now nearly everything... without any success
          Your software looks so great, but it didn't navigate me! What did i wrong??
          The map moves when i drive and shows my position, so far so good.
          But when i have to turn right there is no arrow or sth like that on the screen, or a verbal notification. Even if I'm Miles away from the route, there is no recalculation.

          Please Help me!!


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            try un-install and install again.!

            just for the kicks.!
            Sorry for the english

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              Are you sure you are in navigation mode?? Not sure if that makes any difference or not but worth a shot.


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                Is the GPS working properly? Check the satellite status...
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                  Originally posted by kranze
                  I set this option... no change at all.
                  also there is no automatic recalculation when i get off the route...
                  O.K. Now I'm having the same problem. Have reinstalled three times, but no directions, no recalculating route, everything else works fine. HELP!
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                    in the front end eg. road runner you can set the volume to hear the directions. change this


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                      Same here.

                      Map changes position fine. Speed works correctly. voice says "drive carefully" then nothing. No recalculation. I can see the route mapped. I changed everything. Made sure in navigation mode etc. Tried without frontend - same thing. Anyone get this figured out yet?


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                        i have tihs problem now too, only mine just doesnt plan a route when i put in an address


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                          Check UR DLL version

                          I reinstalled based on this thread:


                          The mention of the destdll.dll version interested me. I reinstalled DLL and it seems to be working great.

                          To check DLL version = right click file->properties->version.


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                            Old thread - I know, but if anyone has any further information on this please let it be known! This has me so frustrated I can't sleep.