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MonkeyTalk only reporting limited GPS coords?

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  • MonkeyTalk only reporting limited GPS coords?


    I'm trying to write a simple plugin for Map Monkey, but i keep running into the following problem.

    I try to readout the latitude and longitude they way specified in the examples, but all I get is "52" instead of "52.06031" for the latitude. Same goes for the longitute.

    Please keep in mind that I do have some experience in C-programming, but this is my first time using Visual Basic.

    Here's the relevant code from my project:
        Dim WithEvents mTalk As MonkeyTalk.MonkeyMessenger
        Dim MMRunning As Boolean
        Dim MMConnected As Boolean
        Dim Lat As Double
        Dim Lon As Double
        Dim Speed As Integer
        Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
            mTalk = New MonkeyTalk.MonkeyMessenger
            MMRunning = mTalk.IsMapMonkeyRunning
            RichTextBox1.AppendText("Map Monkey is running: " & MMRunning & vbNewLine)
            mTalk.Connected = True
            If mTalk.Connected Then
                RichTextBox1.AppendText("Connected to mTalk" & vbNewLine)
                Lat = mTalk.Latitude
                Lon = mTalk.Longitude
                Speed = mTalk.Speed
                RichTextBox1.AppendText("Current Langitude is: " & Lat & vbNewLine)
                RichTextBox1.AppendText("Current Longitude is: " & Lon & vbNewLine)
                RichTextBox1.AppendText("Current Speed is: " & Speed & vbNewLine)
                RichTextBox1.AppendText(mTalk.Address.Street & vbNewLine & mTalk.Address.City & vbNewLine)
                RichTextBox1.AppendText(Err.Description & vbNewLine)
            End If
        End Sub
    A side note, when I use the example application included with Map Monkey I get the same result.

    I'd be very happy with tips/tricks that could help me out.

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    It doesn't look like a code issue, maybe some system global setting or something.

    I took your code and applied to a new project and looks ok:
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      Thank you for trying, I was already beginning to doubt myself.

      I'm guessing it has something to do with a "." as separator instead of a ",".
      I'll try changing the locale, see if that helps.



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        Jep, that's it.
        Most countries write "1,000,000", we crazy Dutchmen write "1.000.000".

        That's not really Map Monkey's fault, but it's a bug anyway :-)