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problems with Power DVD

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  • problems with Power DVD

    I am trying to use an Asus branded version of PowerDVD for my DVD software, but can't get it to work. If i run PowerDVD either from Mediacar or even just on its own with mediacar already running, i get a popup error "cannot initialise Direct Draw".
    I believe it can't access the screen overlay for the video because mediacar already has control of it.

    Have you seen this at all? Can it be fixed? If not, i will just use some other DVD software.....Can anyone recommend DVD software that runs well while embedded?


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    I am having the same issue, I am sure someone here has found a work around. Also is there any way to hide buttons that aren't being used, like the radio button?


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      Arfff, this gamma correction give me a lot of problem !

      I will add an option to completely disable the gamma correction in the next version and also disable it when you launch an external DVD software.

      If somebody has a good method to change the gamma settigns without disturbing other things, I will take, thanks !

      How made AlphaRed in "Eclipse" ?
      I asked him but he does not answer me, please AlphaRed, give me more informations on the method that you use in Eclipse to change the gamma correction, do you use also gamma functions from DirectX 7 ?
      The first Belgian PC fully integrated in a car :)