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Request: Auto dimming

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  • Request: Auto dimming

    >Find the good method for gamma correction took a lot of time but now all is Ok and I will now continue to implement the requests that are in my Todo List

    Coyote, now that you've solved the problem with the gamma, how about we link it to when we've got the lights on or off? Could it sense one of the pins on the parallel port so that when we turn our lights on the pin goes high and the screen automatically dims? Or something like that?

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    Yes, it's easy to make, A pin of a serial port or parallel port or also game port is usable to do this.

    An hardware connexion on a keybord controler to simulate a Key is also possible.
    A very small electronic module to interface between the 12V of the car and the signal of the port used and a software timer to check his state.
    We must only define the better solution between all this.

    One signal of the parallel port not used for control the LCD is a good and very easy solution I think.

    I check that and give you news when I have made the drawing of the "électronic module" who will be simply a relay or a transistor with some resitor I think.
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      Great! The more integrated the software is with the car, the better it will be, imho.

      I've got lots more ideas but I'll roll them out slowly! (They've all probably been thought of already...)

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        Sounds like a brilliant idea

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          here is what i did...
          and it works good...
          even with factory dimmer contol...
          some car does not work in this way though...