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Request regarding the Offical Skin Presentation thread

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  • Request regarding the Offical Skin Presentation thread

    We have many people making great skins for MediaCar, and the Official Skin Presentation thread is a great place to see all of them.

    However, can I suggest that any comments are kept out of that thread, and it is left purely for images/download links for the skins. This will make it look a lot more professional.

    Yes, "That skin looks great" is a nice thing to have said, but those comments and things like "You've got PM/email" clutter it up with non-relevent posts. I believe the thread should be kept purely for the skins, and take comments/questions to the relevent thread where it was discussed (put a link to the originating thread?) or Private Message/email

    I have forwarded this idea to coyote for him to consider, I hope you all agree with my suggestion, and do not mind any non-presentation posts removed from the thread.

    Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E

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    Confused ,

    Can i say thanks mate for that RED skin you made, it looks great in my Audi and is now the skin I use.

    Very impressed with it, thanks again


    ps and the installer is great as well, incorporating Coyote's NEW site

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      Bump, some posts were cleaned up and it looked real good...lets keep comments out of the Skin Presentation thread

      Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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        It does bother me, however I wouldn't have a problem with them being removed after 3-4 days to reduce clutter.
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