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  • Divx video playback

    I was told by coyote some days ago that the video playback function uses directx/directsound to playback the video and sound for music videos or wmv,asf,mpg,etc... files and one thing I've noticed was the sound being played back is kind of very poor as compared to MP3s.

    Now, before you all start knocking on me about sound quality, I realize that MP3s are encoded in the MPEG layer-3 mode while most videos are encoded in MPEG layer-2 or 1 modes but ends up with quite a significant size as compared to MP3.

    Now, my rant here is not only certain video files are affected, all of them are affected in the manner of when I set my car's volume level to a fixed number, say number 20, and I'm playing MP3s and everything is sweet sounding, then when i hit one of these 480Kbps bitrate MP-1 video clips that are leeched off, it sounds so quiet at the same volume level on my car's headset. I have to crank it up to at the least 30 to 32 to actually get a feel of it.

    Why not embed windows media player or winamp 5 to playback MP3s and videos for better sound playback and the mixer could apply to both video and MP3s.
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