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  • Future Visualisation Support?

    AVS running full screen @ 800x600 on my EPIA800 runs like treacle - but yet I can run 3d accelerated visual plugins at 30fps+ The way media car runs atm it uses no acceleration as it's just a resized avs window. Are there any future plans for using any old winamp plugins ( you'd just have to sense a key/mouse press to close it )?
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    there are ways to use your old plugins for CMC (yeah Im coining that phrase) I cant remember how to do it. Run a search in this forum for it. I know alot of people talked about it.
    Originally posted by menudude
    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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      You should just be able to open up the copy of winamp.exe in the C:\Program Files\MediaCar directory (you might need to "open" it twice for the window to show) then you can go to Preferences and set up whatever visualisations you want to use, and their settings.

      Then, when you open CMC, you should just be able to hit "Vis" and it should work

      You might need to however go into Setup for CMC and change the "run embedded" options, and the "window search phrase" to something relevent to the visualisation

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        mostly doesn't work - I got milkdrop running with this method - but only in windowed mode which meant an ugly xp bar along top...
        James - The UK CarPC Forum