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  • Streamzap PC Remote and MediaCar

    While browsing the local CompUSA, I ran across this little PC remote control:

    It was $39.99, so I went ahead and bought it. The remote works quite well with most of my PC apps (Winamp 5, Windows Media Player 9, PowerDVD, etc) but when trying with MediaCar, only the arrow keys and the OK button work; the FF, RW, Play, Pause, and Stop buttons do nothing. All of the remote's buttons work with Winamp 2.91 and 5.01. Other than the four "macro" buttons on the bottom of the remote, there is no way to program the remote's buttons.

    Is there anyone out there using this thing with MediaCar...or any front-end for that matter? I've searched the forums here and this thing has only been mentioned once here:

    I could just take it back, but I think it might be useful for something.

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    I would suggest it's because media car uses keyboard pushes for play/stop etc.

    Can you maps the functions of the remote to keyboard keypresses.

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      Unfortunately, the software doesn't allow you to program any of the buttons other than the four "macro" buttons. I put macro in quotes, because they are quick launch buttons, they don't allow for true macros. On the Streamzip site, there is a Girder plugin. With the plugin, Girder recognizes the remote and all of its buttons...but the remote won't work at all in MediaCar with Girder enabled. At the moment, I'm playing around with Girder to see if it I can get it working, if you guys could shed some light on the issue I would be very appreciative.


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        after you open mediacar double-click the winamp icon in the media car folder and that should bringup the winamp console try using you remote then, if it works with the winamp console, right click on the winamp console and turn off the three ticks from main windows, eq, and play list, then copy a shortcut from the winamp icon in the mediacar directory and put that in startup folder and if you are lucky it should take commands from you remote, mabey.


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          Thanks for the suggestion, dtr, but it didn't work...but I did find a workaround. The directional pad and the buttons above it correspond to actual keyboard keys:

          Buttons 0-9: number keys
          Up, Down, Left, Right: Arrow Keys
          OK Button: Enter
          Menu: F10 Key
          Exit: F4 Key
          Volume + - : + and - keys

          I remapped the keyboard settings in MediaCar like this:

          Buttons 0-9: 1-6 GPS navigation, 0 and 8 PG up and PG down, 9 Visualisations
          Up, Down, Left, Right: Arrow Keys
          OK Button: Enter
          Menu: List / Show Info
          Exit: Escape

          With this setup, I can control all audio and video functions in MediaCar. The left and right arrow keys act as Back and Next, Up and Down are...Up and Down, OK is Enter. The good thing is that When I launch PowerDVD in MediaCar, I gain access to the rest of the remote and it acts the way it should, but only in PowerDVD. Since it works, it won't be going back, but I thought I'd let everyone know what to expect. Let me know if there are any questions.