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Media Car Bug + Idea.

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  • Media Car Bug + Idea.

    The newest media car release as of, ive noticed it starts up with the balance on one side of the car, to fix this, I go into mixer then, click the balance tab sometimes i wiggle it heh then it fixes the problem.

    also on the bug note, when listing a dir in the browse view it shows some titles but others are left blank with just the song number. maybe im missing a setting or something.. but then again thats what this forum is for thanks.

    IDEA. impliment this program, its great! currently using the ati remote wonder to accomplish this..

    I have a cheep *** cyberpower ups and i would like to connect it via serial port to the pc, as stated in the manual, but for media car it would be really nice if media car knew that a ups was connected. So when i turn the power off a timer lets say counts down for 2 seconds and then launches that porgram above.. if anyone has any ideas AIM likwidchz icq 6881500 THANKS