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Balance and master volume interaction...

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  • Balance and master volume interaction...

    Hi at all,

    i'm trying MediaCar on my laptop for gain more feeling when it will be on my car-computer.

    I've found that if i try to adjust master volume at the maximum (on mixer setup) in the mean time the pan (balance) slide go on left side.

    So i cannot move volume slide without interessing also the balance slide, and also in normal winamp usage i listen only from left channel.

    Why is it happen??

    Someone has an explanation?

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    Do you use the last version ?

    What are the type of the soundcard chipset in your laptop ?
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      Yes i do.
      I have the MC last version v1.8.5 and my laptop has a Ess Maestro chipset inside.


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        For more information, Coyote, i've noted that initially when i run mp3 on MC i can listen stereo on both channels.

        IF and IMMEDIATELY i go in mixer mode, also without moving any slide, the slide of balance go on left side.So immediately i can listen only by the left channel.


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          Having same problem

          When first installed and executed the balance and sound is fine until you try to adjust the volume it automatically gets put all to the left channel and it wont let you adjust it back. If you right click the little megaphone next to the clock in windows and go to Open volume controls you can see all of the balances are shifted to the left and u can slide them back in the middle. but as soon as u adjust the volume under medicar it goes wacky again

          I have a pentium 2, 128 ram
          windows 98se
          Soundblaster pci128 (latest drivers)
          lastest winamp
          latestmedicar (going to try the patch update tonight)

          Please help! Thanks


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            I'm also having the same problem....but I don't see anyone that has a solution...or even a suggestion that one could try/look into. This is a very big deal, and I can't seem to find any help getting past this one....suggestions/comments
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