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  • New generic MediaCar skin

    Update 1 April 2004
    There are new threads for the update. Please look here for the latest news on download links: and for the latest brands: Please go to my website for other things like photoshop templates etc.


    Update 15 Feb 2004
    I've uploaded templates for Coredraw v.10 at

    I've also uploaded Photoshop templates for 800x480 brushed metal at Remember, this is at 800x480. After you've played around with the psd files, you have to stretch it to 800x600 and save it as jpegs so it will show up at the correct ratio on your monitor. If you just stumbled across this thread and you have no idea what I'm talking about please look at this thread


    Update 13 Feb 2004:
    Uploaded new brands:
    1. Lancia
    2. Oldsmobile
    3. Proton


    Update 7 Feb 2004
    I have uploaded the brushed metal photoshop files and you can download them here:

    I've also done the launch skin and you can download it here:


    Update 31 Jan 2004:
    Uploaded new brands:
    1. chevy
    2. fiat
    3. ford
    4. hyundai
    5. infiniti
    6. jeep
    7. lexus
    8. mazda
    9. renault
    10. subaru


    I have finished a very generic skin based on my previous skin.

    You can download it here:

    Now, this skin has no logo of the car brand. You can edit the Menu files with your own picture or you can download the MENU_DOWN.JPG, MENU_OFF.JPG, MENU_ON.JPG and MENU_EMPTY.JPG files of your desired brands here:

    Just unzip the file to the Brushed_metal folder and overwrite the files.

    So far I've done:
    - Alfa Romeo
    - Audi
    - Autobianchi
    - BMW (of course )
    - Chrysler
    - Citroen
    - Ferrari (if I strike the lottery )
    - Holden
    - Honda
    - Jaguar
    - Lamborghini
    - Lord of the Rings
    - Maserati
    - Mercedes
    - Mitsubishi
    - Nissan
    - Opel
    - Peugeot
    - Porsche
    - Toyota
    - Vauxhall
    - VW

    I'll do other brands if you can send me a good quality logo. Hope you like this skin

    Attached Files
    Brushed Metal Skin]
    MIA at the moment
    [please email me instead of pm]

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    What!? No Subaru? Searching for logo now.....
    Very nice skin BTW.


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      Logo link on my site for any one that has the time - look under DL & Links - about half way down I think.... or some thing like.

      My Project Site


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        Beautiful ;-) Will definitely use the Audi one


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          Originally posted by febsperanza
          I have finished a very generic skin based on my previous skin.

          I'll do other brands if you can send me a good quality logo. Hope you like this skin

          Oh yes.

          You are the man, well done bravo 100% Thank you.


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            OK, here are a couple. Thanks.

            Oops found another.
            Attached Files


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              As Always.......Nice job Febsperanza....

              I'll see if I can post in car pics later on to night.



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                OK - idiot question from a noob...with other skins i see a .skn file which is what I'm guessing what the UI keys off of to include it in the available list of skins to pick from. I don't see a .skn file in the brushed folder or just outside of it (placed in the skins folder), so how do I install it / make it available in the UI?



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                    Download before the complete skin there :

                    and after download the logo that you want from there and extract/overwrite it into the skin folder
                    The first Belgian PC fully integrated in a car :)


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                      sorry..did that. i still don't see a .skn file that allows me to add it via the GUI. several .skin files within the folder, but I don't think they help me here?

                      I'm a total idiot????

                      Thanks for your help.


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                        every skin needs to be placed into a different folder like this : \mediacar\skins\default\
                        \mediacar\skins\xxxxxskin\ ...
                        Mediacar takes every folder name to put it in the skin selection list.

                        You can choose the skin to use by launching the setup that is in the Mediacar program group or directly with the skin selector module that is accessible by the main menu.
                        The first Belgian PC fully integrated in a car :)


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                          wow....someone should on me...

                          I just found out that mediacar and media engine are 2 different programs

                          sorry - and thanks.

                          and to further educate myself: these 2 compete? i.e. do mostly the same functions?

                          The noob...


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                            yes someone like me should on you
                            but I would do it repeatedly and with gusto
                            Originally posted by menudude
                            thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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                              uh huh...thank you kind sir ;-) if someone can now tell me why i can't play wma files in here (fresh install, only wmp9 installed on system, do i need to install winamp? ...saw one reference in bugs where they upgraded to 2.9.1 and it worked...if i check the version in the media car folder it is 2.9.1) - i'd much appreciate it :-)