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  • Skin Animation?

    how hard would it be to incorporate animated skins? i've put in a simple animated "loading" .gif wait screen [attached] and edited the file, but it only shows the first frame. can it be done by changing the exe to accept and play .gif or even flash .swf and/or flash .exe files?

    as long as it isn't overdone, it shouldn't bloat the program or affect performance. just a thought.
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    I believe it's a "VB" thing to do with animated gifs. As VB isn't really a "graphics powerhorse", when you try to do animated images, then you tend to have flickering. Even with just a small bit that changes, I believe VB has to load in the whole image frame by frame.

    Of course if coyote has to come here and prove me wrong, then so be it!! I think a small animated loading screen will be good too

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      Would make a great boot screen while windows loads up
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