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  • run a program directly from a button


    first I want to thank coyote for his excellent work! In my opinion mediacar is far the best application for a car pc.

    But I have one little problem:
    I just need a Button which sits at the main screen. When clicked, it should execute a program, AND mediacar should stay in the main screen.

    So, is it possible to run a .exe file directly from a button?

    For example: B01,013,055,370,092,"C:\test.exe","Test"

    This line should produce a Button wich executes test.exe without changing the status of MediaCar.


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    Bump, I would like to know also.


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      That Function Would Be Exeptional, You Could Fill a Screen With A whole list of Command Lines


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        yeah I agree, it would make it alot more configurable
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          I'd go along with this as well. I've written a Girder routine to start an app if it isn't running or switch to it if it is. All I need now is the ability to run a program with a command line argument. eg. "EVENT.exe startmyprog"


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            I agree, that way in the future, you could just compile a small code and put the link to the EXE in the medicar .Skin file, without having to code features in MediaCar.
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