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    I'm a german N00B an i must say THX to Coyote and all the guys.

    BUT the forum is not wery fine. Everyone make a new tread and i cant find easy what i search. I would like sections like Skins, Plugins Hardware.... or something like this. And i would like to see a Filebase where i can find the good skins and betas.

    PLZ think about this coyote.

    Gruß aus Deutschland and gogogo....
    Germany NRW [WES-V 5]
    VW Bora 2,3 l V5
    7" TFT-Touch by
    MB Pcchips Pro2900A+ CPU,VGA,Sound onboard
    80gb WD-HDD
    512mb DDR
    NetEasy DRU-R100
    U2 GPS

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    Hi, and welcome to the forums

    We are very lucky to have a seperate sub-forum for MediaCar. I don't think it needs to be split up into any more sub-forums, otherwise things will get too split up.

    The search facility here works well (unlike another forum I visit, which has turned off full text searching - you can only search the titles, and you can't search for more than one word without it looking for all words sequentially!)

    The Skin Presentation thread is a good place to get skins, although some links may be a little outdated. If so, post a thread saying "these are outdated, where can I get them from?" and someone who has them will be able to provide you with them

    As for what hardware is, or if in doubt, ask!

    Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E