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A few Medicar Issues and ideas.

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  • A few Medicar Issues and ideas.

    One of the things that bugs me about the Mappoint integration is that by default, its set up in KM instead of Miles. It seems every time I try to change it, it doesnt save the setting. What file can I edit to make this change. If I run it as a full application, it works just fine. It works great, but Id rather have miles as my default. How can I do this?

    Secondly.. when I load up the video player screen, it mutes my master volume and can't hear the videos.

    As some suggestions on future releases/addons. What about adding text to speech for driving directions? The AGPS addon for mappoint works quite well.

    Since the GPS data will give you direction, Speed, laditude, logitude, ect.
    Why not create some sort of virtual gauge cluster?

    Also those of us who use a rearview camera.. what about adding in an application that will bring up full screen video camera viewing? maybe a small GPS on the side so you can view both?

    Any help with my issues would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I would have to agree with you on the Miles/Kilometers and the rear view camera support.

    Those additions would be icing on the cake. For now i would settle for RadioXtreme support in media car
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