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  • Stupid Newbie Question!

    Hi firstly and before anyone shouts i am astounded by the work that everyone has put into this software and as soon as i have it working i will be happy to donate to continuing this fine work.
    That being said im being a bit thick at the mo! Have installed Mediacar on a completely clean XP lite system. I have a powerdvd installed now and fully updated mediaplayer 9, the problem i am having is that i cant get a divx or dvd to play. if i try to run them in mediacar it tells me i have no codecs installed and if i run power dvd as the external player it messes up the resolution on the screen and then freezes. it doesnt seem to make any difference if its embedded or not. have tried it on two different versions now and the same thing both times. so my question is, what codecs do i need and where should they be? Please be gentle i did search first!

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    Divx codec can be obtained from:
    ---[ This space intentionally left blank ]---


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      you should still get ac3 and xvid too