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MediaCar + Mappoint 2k4 + Delorme USB Earthmate

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  • MediaCar + Mappoint 2k4 + Delorme USB Earthmate

    Got MediaCar 1.9.1 up and going, mappoint 2k4 installed, AGPS installed with Mappoint as well. When I run Mappoint by iteslf I can start tracking with the GPS no trouble, but when I run Mappoint in MediaCar, I get "Impossible d'ouvrir le port GPS!" I don't speak french, but I assume it's having trouble accessing the COM Port. I have the USB-to-serial drivers installed, and the earhtmate shows up on com3. Anyone have any ideas why Mediacar isn't finding it? I have Com 3 set in the setup.

    Other than GPS, good stuff coyote.. now I need to get a dvd drive and a radio.. hehe
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    Hey I got ther same problem. You need to close media car and open up Mappoint and select the proper comm port in the tools menu. Then close mappoint and re open mediacar and click gps-->mappoint.

    Then you shouldn't recieve that error. There may be conflicts with AGPS ans Mapoint though

    AGPS complicates things. I hope you didn't pay money for it yet. There is another skinnable touchscreen friendly free software that does routing. It also accepts voice control

    Check out this

    Download all of the files and place them in a single directory. Then link to this as an external gps with MediaCar. Fully skinnable. Nothing but good things to say about it. Although it is in an Alpha state it is highly functional
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