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Radio causes system reset after hibination!

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  • Radio causes system reset after hibination!

    Media Car V191b Default skin on WindozeXP home.
    Power button is set to hibirnate.

    Pressing radio button causes windows to restart, as if somone has pressed the reset button. literally as you press it, like on on screen reset button!
    This happens only when PC has returned from hibirnation, if it has booted up properly and then media car is opened, the radio works fine.
    Also if media car is running the Radio already it hibirnates ok but when it trys to return from hibirnation you just hear radio for a split second, then it resets, doesnt get as far as displaying media car on screen.

    Please help, was gonna install tommorrow!

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    It's a problem with the D-Link radio drivers, not MediaCar.

    Take a look for the "Force XP to rescan USB devices" thread, i think in General Hardware.

    Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E