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Destinator Vs iGuidance

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  • Destinator Vs iGuidance

    Obviously I am deciding on which GPS package to buy. Due to Garry's efforts Destinator seems to be the better integrated with Mediacar. However, iGuidance seems functionally just as good and comes in PC AND PPC versions for <$100.

    Should I be cheap and get iGuidance or bite the bullet and get Destinator?

    Any other choices?



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    destinator all the way - but maybe worth holding of till the imminent D3 release
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      i'm a bit confused as everytime i search for destinator, i always end up with the ppc version... is there a pc version and what link??? are you guys using the ppc version for mediacar??? can't be...

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        Currently Destinator 3 is only for PPC...We're all waiting for the PC version...should be coming out at the end of this month as what someone said in here.


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          Originally posted by Jamez_Warner
          destinator all the way - but maybe worth holding of till the imminent D3 release
          Care to elaborate for the rest of us? I know I did not start the post, but I am also very interested in this, so why "destinator all the way"?
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            its almost end of the month, any word on XP version? i'm just setting up my mediacar install, prepping to have everything go into my car next month. i already own GPS software from DeLorme, I'm wondering what is so special about Destinator when it comes to integration with MediaCar that I wouldn't have with my DeLorme software. Obviously there are some huge plusses but after searching the forum, I couldn't really find a specific description of what makes this the package of choice.


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              bump...anyone have an answer?
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                Whens D3 Out ?
                Let me... and this is after talking to those wonderfull people at Powerloc... well D3 has no set date as to when it will be out nor can I get any yard stick as to where they are. Secondly it seems ( after talking to a supplier I keep speaking to ) that they are unable to order any more D2's as Powerloc are not producing them - great eh ? The only flip side is if you DO get hold of a copy that the version 3 maps work great and look better... most impressed with this weekends upgrade.

                Hope that helps...

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                  Routis 2004 rocks too

                  Just installed Deluo Routis 2004 and I am impressed by it especially for the price. It also runs OK embedded in MediaCar and is touchscreen friendly - at least when you have preloaded destinations - must remember to try the OSK to see if that works.

                  For $90 or less it's worth checking out


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                    after that GLOWING review, it makes me absolutely not want to try it out, especially now that I know it:
                    "Runs OK" and is "touchscreen friendly - when you have preloaded destinations"


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                      I will be ordering Routis 2004 because Destinator 2 is teh suq and there is no release date for Destinator 3 yet.


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                        what about mappoint or copilot? I DONT KNOW WHAT TO GET!!! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


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                          My problem with Roitis is the POI database really sucks.


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                            Robr - what are you looking for in a GPS? What system do you use? SteveC's reccomendation seemed useful and a thumbs up to me, especially since I have only a touchscreen and use preloaded destinations!

                            Carpoint has, I think, the best routing, its consistently the most accurate. Its not particularly car-friendly though. I've never tried Destinator, they always seem to be between versions when I am looking.

                            I run Delorme Topo for off-road and its 3d perspective + ariel views, and CarPoint 2004 for street routing. MediaCar works with CarPoint, but you get some error message when it launches, then once you OK that its happy to run.

                            What do you want from a GPS and how will you be using it?
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                              The last GPS software I bought was DeLorme Street Atlas 7.0, so I don't know how far things have progressed since then. It wasn't bad once you got used to it on a laptop, but it wasn't particularly intuitive either. Basically, I dont know what I want which is why I've been looking for software comparison resources and asking questions on sci.geo.satellite-nav and alt.satellite.gps. As I mentioned the sole interface will be a touchscreen, so that will obviously play a part in this, but I also like that you can add user developed content on to Destinator and Mappoint.