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Customizing Brushed Metal Skin

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  • Customizing Brushed Metal Skin

    This post is directed to "febsperanza" but anyone who can help me, I would appreciate it.

    First of all I want to take a moment to thank you and everyone who has contributed to this forum, as this is truly a wonderful example of how much a group of people can accomplish when they work towards a common goal.

    With that said,here is what I would like to do, but my graphic editing capabilities are limited at best, as well as my photoshop skills. I have a copy of photoshop 7.0 and have downloaded the 800x600 stretched .zip file so I have all of the templates.

    1. I would like to modify the skin to show only the "Music" "Radio" "DVD" and "GPS" buttons on the screen.

    2. I would like to have the "Music" and "DVD" buttons on the left side of the center logo and the "Radio" and "GPS" buttons on the right side.

    3. I would like for the two buttons on each side to occupy the same amount of space currently occupied by the three standard buttons, and have them curve around the logo.

    4. Rename the "GPS" button to read "Navigation"

    5. Remove the "Appearance" button on the bottom of the screen, but leave the "Exit" and "Day/Night" buttons where they are in the corners of the screen.

    6. Change the "Exit" and "Day/Night" buttons to approximately 15-20% smaller in height to create a more slender button.

    7. Change all of the buttons to a "soft blue" glow effect when selected instead of a "soft red"

    8. Last, but not least, I would like to see the current "Z" loco incorporated, but without the circular border, rather a "soft blue" glow similar to the buttons and directly shown on the standard brushed metal background.

    I know I am really asking alot, and I have not contributed near the amount of effort as you all have but I am willing to contribute monitarily to anyone who can accomplish this for me. Also, I will post all of the files on here and make them available for download once I have them.

    Thanks in advance.

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    For removing buttons, you will have to comment out the relevent lines in the .skin file. This will cause those buttons not to be shown. The other buttons you will have to edit within the psd file.

    To change the size/shape, first "hide" the layer style, so you have a flat grey "button". Use the colour dropper to get that colour, and then move/redraw your buttons to the size/place you want. Enable the layer style again, and then edit the layer style, and change the colour for "Outer Glow" to what you want it to be.

    Just remember that the 800x600 ones are stretched in the vertical plane. I found it MUCH easier to change things on the 848x480 PSD files then resize (width 94.3% and height 125%)/save as a jpg.

    If you want any help, I'll be on AIM/MSN today (details in profile), i'll be glad to help

    Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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      Thanks for your help, I should have the final results ready next week and I will post a couple of snapshots once they are finished.



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        good luck. i am going to try the same thing as soon as i get some time to figure out how to use photoshop properly. can't wait to see picts.
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        By "ToneRiddle"


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          Which features are you looking for, since once I have this completed it should not be difficult to change the button mappings. Basically what I am doing is getting rid of the video and apps buttons. and changing from red to dark blue.


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            that sounds you think its possible for you to do a version with the same blue glow...just keep all the buttons

            so just make everything thats red to blue?

            im asking because i suck at photoshop and other stuff =P



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              toups, i just want the dvd, gps, music and apps buttons. but with the red glow. if you tell me how i will help in anyway i can. i am very new to photoshop. thanks
              "I'm going back to Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), I'm going back to Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), I know so!!!!" Now I'm here!!

              By "ToneRiddle"


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                Tell you guys what. I have some things I am working on this week for work (possibly a new job) but should have the Photoshop edits completed this weekend. I will post the results on here, and I should be able to accomidate both of your request, I just need to know what format each of you is wanting.