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  • Video brightness

    All of my video seems to be playing very very dark,
    changing the brightness for the skin and checking the apply to video doesnt seem to do anything,
    How can i increase the brightness of my videos?
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    Did you verify the brightness settings of the Lilliput via the menu button? When I get a dark screen, I have found the brightness, contrast and color settings all set to 0. Setting them back to a value around 50 restores my previous settings. I still haven't figured out what is changing the settings from my defaults . It might be related to the gamma control in MediaCar.
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      if it's just the video that's dim, and not the rest of windows, check the OVERLAY settings in your display settings. depends on what video chip you're using to see where those settings are, but they will be under the ADVANCED section of the display settings. You can set overlay to be brighter or dimmer, more gamma or less, etc. Overlay is independent of the rest of your display - only for video.
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