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    Everyone's suggesting that integrating iTunes SDK will be the best thing since sliced bread. I, however, wouldn't agree with that (bloat/dont want iTunes installed). It would just motivate to me write my own car system, which would be a shame since we already have a fragmented effort, ME, MC and the Frodo thing.

    Rather than playlists that created from a db query I would suggest we solve the following:

    - fast, very fast, LOADING, that message shouldn't come up for more than a second or two on a 1Ghz machine (which seems the norm, Epia ~1Ghz). To solve this would lay the foundation for the following:

    Then add the following features, which I call directed-follow.

    Start out playing with shuffle, then use FF to find the songs you are in the mood for, then have a button that pops up a choice something like:

    - same artist/band
    - earlier works by this artist/band
    - later works by this artist/band
    - same artist/band, but not played recently
    - rest of this album
    - same genre

    Remember that we only have the ID3 tags and the frequency of play to work with, so we cant do really fancy things like 'tracks that have same beat'. Well we could, but it would be much more difficult to do. A process would have to scan the music database and append meta data found by actually analyzing the music stream.

    It would also make it possible to make random shuffle play a little more (or less depending on your perspective) random. Not just pick a file at random, but find one that is random and not by the current artist.

    Request for Comments...
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    Your not going to get advanced features like what you want without some kind of bloat. I don't see why your against WMP or iTunes. They both have all of the this functionality already built in and are really quite fast at doing database quieries like what you suggest. Both also have support for dynamically created playlist so you could do what you want without even having to program an interface, just create an auto playlist. IMHO the database implemented in both programs is far better for music management then what could be implemented on top of a regular SQL database and more robust and probably faster then anything that would be created by most efforts from scratch. Both programs have SDK's so you don't need to use any of the functionality you don't want and both startup almost immediatly since they only search for music files or read ID3 tags when you specifically tell them to reorganize the music. Why reinvent the wheel? Developer (I am Chuck)
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