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  • febsperanza - Request

    I hate to do this, but febs.... if you are bored one day and it isn't too much trouble would you consider making a Corvette theme for you Brushed Metal Skin????

    Preferablly using a C4 logo.... if you are interested let me know and I will track down a file for the logo.... also what format file would it need to be...

    Sorry to repeat this request (I asked about it in the Skoda topic) but I think it is quickly getting buried with the back and forth on Skoda... but that too is some funny stuff.

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    Mind posting a good logo here? That'll speed up things. The core logo has to be at least 250x250 pixels ok? Thanks!
    Brushed Metal Skin]
    MIA at the moment
    [please email me instead of pm]


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      Cool feb....

      Okay, so 250 x 250 pixels, does file format not matter? JPEG, TIFF, BMP, whatever photoshop uses, etc...

      I will find and post.



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        Well damn, it took me long enough didn't it.....

        Here is a good logo to use....

        Let me know if the size or format is not right.

        And thanks again.
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          That'll do
          Brushed Metal Skin
          MIA at the moment
          [please email me instead of pm]