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    I spent quite a bit of time looking for a playlist generator that could create playlists for all my albums in my collection at once, not finding any i just created one. going to post it up here if anyone else would want it.
    its a pretty simple program that will parse through a folder structure of \root\artists\albums\ and make a playlist for each album and place them all into another folder of your choice. i built it mainly for mediacar so hopefully somone else here can use it. if u have any questions or requests email me at siduri @ fastmail . fm (remove the spaces of course)
    also if u want to use it again it will recreate all the playlists if there is a duplicate playlist, easy way of updating playlists
    its written in so u will most likly need the .net framework
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    This is interesting. The whole notion of playlists is new to me. I've been using winamp and xmms for years and never needed a playlist, but the car environment is one such place where they are useful. Also, I think they will solve one of MC's biggest annoyances for me, that of using file names, not ID3 tags.

    I will have to explore what MC does with playlists.

    There was a lot of gobbing of recently about how just peachy iTunes is because it has hueristic playlists where it will keep track of what you like and what you skip and refine the playlist to more of the same, things like that. It also has features where you can ask for a playlist of the least played songs or most played etc.

    Using your code, we could possibly:

    - On bootup generate a playlist of everying under the MC music root, then assuming music doesnt spontaneously appear while the car is used have that replace the file list. I dont know, but im hoping playlists can be included in other playlists, a la directories? I'll have to figure this out.

    - Have some cool self generated playlists, like most recently played, least recently played, other songs by the same artist (or from the same album) as those in the most recently played list... etc etc
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