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Media car stops responding

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  • Media car stops responding

    After awhile of playing it will totally stop responding when a button is clicked on. Button will stay highlighted but nothing will work, must do a three finger salute to get anything to work. Its not a crash becuase mp3 will continue playing.

    Only notice problem when playing mp3s. (ALL I do with it)
    tried to recreate the problem to see what caused it, no luck.
    It happens with different mp3s, different playlists, after 5 minutes one time, yet 2 hrs the next time.

    Doesn't happen when playing mp3s off a cd, just using a playlist.

    Once it happens, reopening MC and clicking on mp3 causes it to say "LOADING" like usual, but hangs indefentely.

    Any help appreciated. thanks

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    one of the id tags is wrong. might be italisized or the name conflicts. scroll down your play list one by one, and when it crashes, that's the mp3 file w/ the bad tag. go down your list until you've got all of them. i had this exact same problem, and that's how i fixed it.
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      thanks, I'll try that tonite when I get home from work


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        Originally posted by mbaratta
        thanks, I'll try that tonite when I get home from work
        MediaCar does have a bug that doesn't like some 'good' tags. I say they're good as they work in other programs ok.

        You can also turn off the option to read the tags in setup.

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