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  • Background for your MediaCar

    Hiya Fellas,
    this is my first contribution to the MP3 Car public that i have learnt so much from already. This is the background i use on my Carputer in my Toyota MR2 Turbo. I created it from using a really bad front on photo i found of a Apexi guage then brushed it up a little, then added photoshops neon glow. i have been really impressed with how it all turned out so i thought id share it.
    The idea cam from trying to get a ODB reader for my MR2 but it is proving to be rather difficult i really wanted to have animated apexi guages to match my Mechanical Boost Guage, i know its a fake but it looks cool and maybe someone might be able to help with a program that animates the guages.
    Anyways here it is.
    VIA EPIA MII12000
    256Mb DDR333
    Western Digital 80Gb
    Lilliput 7" Touch Screen
    Pioneer Slot Load DVD
    PixelView Play TV Pro

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    Sweet lookin. I wish I could do some stuff like that for my Dakota.
    "I'm going back to Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), I'm going back to Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), I know so!!!!" Now I'm here!!

    By "ToneRiddle"