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MediaCar w/HVAC control

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  • MediaCar w/HVAC control

    This is just a proof of concept at this point. This is the mockup I have come up with. I plan on it being an external app that can be embedded into MC. For obvious reasons MC will never support this type of activity within itself.

    Here's is the picture (concept) of what it will look like w/o the date/time display. This is because the app doesn't exist yet so I have nothing to embed

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    Cool. Gonna use servos or a relay controller?
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      Thats DEFINITELY something I want to do... since I started my motor swap in my Vehicross, I have managed to COMPLETELY rip out the factory wiring harness which also includes the HVAC control harness! DOH! This would be PERFECT for my situation... just replace the controls with touchscreen buttons... do you have a plan? I'd love to hear more about it.


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      Coach... aka Randy! (I often forget who I really am!) ;)

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        Originally posted by Chairboy
        Cool. Gonna use servos or a relay controller?
        BTW, I had bought one of those parallel relay boards but not sure if thats the right route to run... at least for me... my HVAC is already electronic controlled... so there might be a way to integrate into that... not sure... just some kind of servo controller or something... should take care of most of it.

        Coach... aka Randy! (I often forget who I really am!) ;)

        ***Too many pieces and parts to list... maybe someday I'll show'm to ya!***


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          So climate control is not supported?
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            Neat idea. I hope it would be skinnable. Also, you might have to consider that different cars have different options that would need to be supported. Some cars have automatic climate control, so you'd have to have a temp. display. Some cars don't have dual climate control. Some cars have rear climate control. Etc...etc...etc...

            The application would have to be fairly flexible, but as a proof of concept I like it. Perhaps a sign of things to come for car pcs.
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              That is sweet!

              I think that the chalenges for something like this would be difficult to say the least however. Aside from that, I actually perfer to have HVAC controls in hardware - especially in AZ. I would not want to wait for my PC to wake up before I could turn on the AC. Also in my system, I am ducting the A/C down to the CPU, so I cannot eliminate the harware A/C.
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                definitly do that


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                  CHair: I'm still in the planning stages of the hardware so I have not yet decided. I have the entire schematics for my hvac controller. That should help a little bit *grin*. I'm also still trying to decide if I should run parallel or replacement for the hvac. The whole point of this project is to give me back some valuable space. So we'll see what I come up with one it's drawn out. This also ties in with the pc boot time, takes about 20 seconds or so to give me my os so having to wait a minute before I can control it doesn't seem like a HUGE issue. I won't no for sure though until it's gone.

                  I had also thought about making it skin-able but decided against it. The reason was I'm doing this for me. There is no easy way to make something like this for the masses, everyones hvac is different as well as the parts used and how it's implemented. Once it's complete maybe I can pass along some info to help others, but I don't believe this to be one of those projects that's easily mass produced. It's more individual
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                    Beautiful thought yours and I like the skin
                    A hardware could be made connected to the PC through COM or LPT that you command some relays that operate then the depressors and possible elettrovalves of the system A/C Control of the auto.
                    Of sure however' it needs to also use a circuit and relative software with microprocessor, type P16F876 of Microchip.
                    The thing would be to study but I thinks she could be done......



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                      this is a few years old, but it should serve as a spring board... this guy was the man back before there were front ends like MediaCar and MediaEngine
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                        And the software isnt avail
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                          you could always try contacting him at [email protected] as his front page of the website says:-P

                          I remember this guy though. he use to be on the old version of
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                            Well thanks for sharing your proof of concept (which you arent the first by the way...this has been drooled over by many of us for a long time)

                            And thanks for letting us down by stating that you are developing it for yourself and you wont be sharing it. Why not keep that stuff to yourself if you arent sharing it.
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                              hey now i have a similar model grand prix, this would be useful to more than just one person perhaps