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  • Thanks to the developers

    I notice that there are a lot of users in this world, extensively using software developed by a small minority of people.

    I also notice that there generally isnt a lot voiced gratefulness towards the people who invest so much of their time and then post their work for others to enjoy.

    So instead of requesting a new feature or reporting (or complaining) about a bug, I just wanted to thank anyone who has developed software for these BBs and those who have supported or helps others with that software.

    Particuarly (in no order)
    Coyote , FrodoBaggins , Confused , Laidback , Zorro and anyone I forgot.

    If these people need help with development hardware or software, then I'll see what I can do.

    And I urge everyone else to join in with a thanks! Remember, if these people ever decide to quit, then the rest of us will have to remember where we left those nasty Studio .NET drinkmat things!

    Note - I'm not assuming that just because you didnt post a thanks (or request a new feature or report a bug) you are not grateful. If you moaned, then you bloody well are!

    Lyfe Langmead
    Distracted by random shiny objects since 1983

    Volvo V70 T5 (250bhp, 155mph)
    P4 2.8, 512Mb, ASUS Pundit-R, Lilliput 7" TS, BU303 USB GPS, Mecury TV, EL USB k/b, OPUS 150W
    Windows XP, MediaCar, FrodoPlayer, Destinator or MapPoint