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    Just got the carputer installed and running. Details to follow. Long-time lurker, first post on this forum. Be gentle.

    Are there docs for MediaCar, or do you just figure it out yourself? I downloaded the app from the French site 'cause that's all I could find and haven't been able to find docs.

    So far it seems to work OK except for a few issues for which I'd like to start with one. I copied my music library over from iTunes on a Mac, I was hoping to preserve the same directory structure since I'm using iTunes and Media Engine as well right now. I can't seem to create playlists, and all the directories show up as empty, but the directory structure itself is visible. This includes standard MP3 files (not just the Apple MP4 files). Could there be something fundamentally wrong, maybe it wasn't a complete install, or am I just missing something obvious? FWIW, MediaEngine allows me to create playlists, play individual songs, everything and iTunes works as well.

    Do I understand correctly, only the D-link FM radio currently works? Anyone know where to get one? I think it's discontinued.

    Thanks in advance.
    ~Swell Guy~
    Via Epia MII10000 .5 Gb memory, 60 Gb HD, Xenarc 7" TS, inverter power (for now)