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MediaCar in a Dual Head Environment - How could it be done?

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  • MediaCar in a Dual Head Environment - How could it be done?

    Hello folks,

    yes my Carputer is up and running in a very early stage to test the concept I wanted to implement.

    I planned to realize a dual head enviroment. One touchscreen in the dash for the gui and navigation and one LCD in the back to allow the kids in the back to watch to movies/dvds while navigating on the highways.

    I use a me6000 with the onboard graficcard and an additional pci vga card. In WinXP I have configured everything and I can use both screens.

    No comes the tricky part. I see at the moment no possibility to have the gui of mediacar and/or the navigation software on one screen and the video (or dvd) viewer on the other screen.

    I loaded a test version of UltraMon. With this nice tricky tool it should be at least possible to run the DVD Viewer _not_ embeded and display it on the back LCD for the kids.

    I could not test if this realy is possible, because I have (at the moment) no DVD Player Software installed on my carpc. Perhaps someone could make a comment on that.

    But I see NO possibility of making the inbuild MediaCar video viewer using the back lcd while having the gui (start/stop or even using the navigation software) on the front lcd (in the dash).

    Has anyone an idea how such an enviroment could be realised?

    PS:I have read this Thread already, but there is no real solution mentioned