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GPS and MapPoint 2004 questions.

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  • GPS and MapPoint 2004 questions.

    Just installed my CPU in my truck yesterday, and now I've got a few odd issues.

    I've got MC 1.9.1b installed (I think). I'm going to remove it and reinstall this morning just to me sure.

    The big reason I'm using a CarPC is for a Nav system. Using MapPoint with my Garmin eTrex (yellow or Vista), it works great and it can track where I'm going. When I use MapPoint through MC, the Lat/Long is displayed in the top bar, but the map displays somewhere in Spain (and I'm in the US). When I drive, the Lat/Long update on the screen, but the map still leaves me in Spain. I hope this morning's reinstall will fix this.

    The other one is that I'd like to be able to "import" about a hundred pushpins into MapPoint through MC. I do geocaching, and I import the locations as pushpins directly into MapPoint (using the import from comma separated values options). MapPoint directly shows all of the pushpins, and I can save the map, repoen it with MapPoint, and there they all are again. How would I do something like this with MC?

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    One out of 2 down

    Well, I did the reinstall, and that certainly helped. It also helped to select "Show position on road". That got the maps moving right along. Now if I could set it so that the maps were always facing upwards for the direction of travel...

    Still no clue about the pushpins.


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      Dude, if the main reason for your carputer is navigation then you definately should try some better navigation software (Mappoint is great for mapping, not so great for navigation). Try Routis (or iGuidance), in my opinion it's 10X better than MapPoint for navigation purposes. 3D views, voice navigation with rerouting, way easier to use with a touchscreen and/or a small screen, and, like you want, you can easily set your heading to always be at the top of the screen (rotating map). I've heard Destinator and Copilot are also good but I haven't tried them.


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        Mappoint vs routis...

        I'd love to try Routis., but I'm leary of shelling out 90 bucks on software I cant try out first, even if demo mode.

        Sot of along that lines, I already have MapPoint 2004, which was provided for me by work as part of the volume licensing. So, my cost was nil.

        The other point is, that if I use MapPoint standalone, the info coming from comes in a format that is extremely easy. I'll have to look at the ability to use it wirh routis or destinator.