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  • Should I be concerned/continue?


    Been away from the forum for sometime now. Big project + private matters = low productivity for CarPC project

    OK first off, I was just been informed by ccsnet (Terran) about possible copyright infringement. As you guys know I took the idea for brushed metal and alum skin from CNS ( Now Terran forwarded me (thanks man!) this news on CSN website

    Originally posted by CSN
    CNS Maestro – copyright infringement cases.

    Car Navigation Systems (CNS) Ltd. has recently suffered infringements of their CNS Maestro copyright. CNS Maestro's GUI designs (a.k.a skins) have been used by unauthorized companies and individuals for commercial purposes. CNS Maestro skins have been slightly edited and used without adhering to the copyright of CNS Ltd., though in a direct violation of the law.

    CNS Ltd. would like to thank the companies and individuals who had performed the infringing use of copyrighted material, as it stands out as a proof for CNS Maestro's flawless GUI designs to be the best and most professional ones available. However CNS Ltd. will not tolerate any unauthorized use of their products and will first try to settle an out-of-court agreement with the above-mentioned companies and individuals in order to make them comply with CNS Maestro's copyright.

    “CNS Maestro GUI skins have been developed by our creative department - Studio Neative and have been released as a copyrighted product. If a company or an individual wants a custom skin designed and developed, they must first contact us. Otherwise any other use of our products, or parts of them, will be regarded as a copyright violation” – Car Navigation Systems PR department has announced.

    Should I continue the skin project or remove the download links?
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    I dont understand, are you saying that CNS is saying that no one can create a skin for any program at all? ou create skins for mediacar and frodoplayer, what does that have to do with CNs?
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      I'm no laywer, but reading that press release sounds like it only applies to the use of their skins, or copies in other apps. I don't know how you made your excellent skins, but unless you copied them from this company, I would not worry about them.
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        Nothing commercial about what you have been doing - it's all been done for free.

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          did you just take the idea of brushed metal and aluminum? or do the skins actually look similar?
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            Originally posted by febsperanza
            [skins] have been used by unauthorized companies and individuals for commercial purposes
            Are you making money off of whatever it is that you're doing?


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              as taken from CNS web site-----------

              CNS is a 100% private Bulgarian company, created in April 2003 to add mobility and flexibility to the business, to offer technologies that provides a reliable and up to date information indispensable for taking the right decisions in business. Anywhere, anytime, in any kind of vehicle. By an intuitive, familiar and easy to use way.
              pay backs a

              has anyone have proof of when thay created there own 1st "skin"
              if it was before 04/2003 you might be able to link your skin to one of theres.
              sound like a way to get some money back from a bulgarian company

              also wonder if thay paid microsoft for there use of its internet explorer?
              each time ??

              ps did you make a profit or recive any money


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                I hardly call slapping some webdings font on some pretty standard buttons and backgrounds something original.
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                  I would not worry about that as you are not profiting in any way from your skins, yo have not been notified by them for your skins, I only see similarities not exact copies of their skin, and you made the skin your self and did not lift it from them.
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                    Looking on the site, and judging from the link to the design house, I think they
                    are refering to their "new" skin and not the ones here that inspiration has been
                    took from. I do not believe they are talking about anyone here at all. Especially
                    since they are talking about commercial infringement.

                    [H]4 Life
                    My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
                    It will be done sometime in the next generation.
                    I'm a lesbian too.
                    I am for hire!


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                      from another angle,

                      I think "international copyright law" only applies to infringements with less than 5% change, so if your skins are more than 5% deviant, then its not considered an infringement, thats why you find all these rip off shops selling fake Nike etc where the "tick" is inverted, boom more than 5% difference cant be touched.

                      And besides you didnt sell it so tell them to sort there facts out first and then grow up.
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                        Hey, they are using my font!
                        It's the cake having/eating thing.


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                          ok thanks for the input guys. But isn't there a case where Apple issued a letter to a guy who is making an Aqua skin for Windows claiming infringement of design copyright? What happen to that case?

                          Anyway, guess I'll keep the download links until the police came knocking on my door, eh?
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                            No worries.... You have enough deviation and have not profited... That is an open and shut case IMHO. If you need more help, contact me via email,

                            Out ChrisG


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                              they are also not losing any business from this either i would imagine. so as long as you didnt directly copy any of their artwork, you should be ok
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