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->Resume from Hibernation= FULL VOLUME

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  • ->Resume from Hibernation= FULL VOLUME

    So I listen to music on Media Car,
    Turn it down pretty low,
    Arrive Home---> Hibernate while the music is running

    Next Morning---> Resume from Hibernation

    At this point, The computer resumes playing the music,
    But at full Blast!!

    Then, The moment I touch my Powermate to turn it down...
    The volume JUMPS, (not glides), Jumps back to the volume that I had it on when I hibernated earlier. Even if I'm turning the Volume up on the powermate, It JUMPS down to the original volume and then Glides normaly up from there.

    ...its rather annoying
    ANy ideas??
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    Sounds like a bug in windows, ive seen this as well after accidently hibernating my home pc, it goes off playing a mp3 in winamp, it comes back playing a mp3 full volume, i turn it down but it goes back to original volume then changes. Software work around would be to reset the volume after a hibernate.
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      sounds like your soundcard drivers... that used to happen to me w/standby and hibernate when i was using an audigy2 nx
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