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How to getting xtremepcr to run with winamp linein in MC

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  • How to getting xtremepcr to run with winamp linein in MC

    Create xtreme pcr under launch folder as follows (name folder xtremepcr, the ini file xtremepcr.ini and the jpg, xtremepcr.jpg ---- jpg of you choice.)

    ini file info:

    PATH = C:\Program Files\XtreMe PCR\XtremePCR.exe
    TryEmbeddedTimeOut = 5
    WindowSearchString=*xtreme pcr*

    don't launch it yet thru MC...

    open xtremepcr as usual (NOT THRU MC)....

    go to options/settings/general options/window settings un check all boxes and choose large icons with text below. (better for touchscreens)

    now go to options/settings/general options/notifications/un check all boxes.

    now go to options/settings/general options/themes/machine gun. (close any notification semi trans windows if they appear)

    now go to options/settings/internet/auto update and uncheck box

    exit out gracefully. and close app.

    now try launching thru MC to see it it embedded correctly and if so then close out of MC

    Now for the slick Winamp line in trick thru mediacar music menu....

    go to-----C:\Program Files\MediaCar keep it open!
    move winamp.m3u file to desktop.
    now lauch winamp.exe (may take twice cause first session my not be visable)
    open PL and empty out play list.
    now go to ADD-ADD URL.

    type the following: line://

    then OPEN

    now press the play arrow button let play for 5 seconds..... and close out of the play list window, close out the eq window and now the winamp window.....

    look in the folder (C:\Program Files\MediaCar) there should now be a new winamp.m3u file..... cut that file and paste to you mediacar "playlist path" folder you have pointed Mediacar setup to load. (folder with all you mp3s in)....

    now go back to C:\Program Files\MediaCar

    open the settings.ini file and modify the 4th line down to this:


    and now save it.

    (i.e. added the m3u prefix so it shows up and plays properly in MC)

    Open MC and go to "Music" or if you auto start to music stop what is playing and look for "winamp" and play it, you won't hear anything yet... DONT PRESS
    STOP press the little go back arrow.

    now navigate to go to "apps"

    launch xtremepcr..... and listen........ just arrow back to the main screen and adjust volume and EQ works too!!!

    review you soundcard line in playback settings it should be unchecked and the recording line in setting checked and adjusted to a sufficient level for the line in feature to work correctly.

    Hope it works for you.... works great for me and acts very embedded for my machine.

    Out ChrisG

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    try it it works very well for front end support for XM w/equalizer

    has anyone tried it yet.... or is MediaCar a dinosaur to Frodoplayer....

    Just got tired of waiting for front-end application (Frodoplayer w/ XM support w/equalizer) and had to find a way to get XM with an equalizer to works in MediaCar for my traditional Line-in PCR setup.