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problem with playing MP3 music

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  • problem with playing MP3 music

    ive just discovered this great software, just one problem though, i cant seem to play any MP3 music. I press the play button and "STOP" briefly turns into "PLAY" but then less than a second later turns back into "STOP". The play cursor then jumps to the second track, regardless of which track i tried to play. All my MP3 music plays without a problem in Media Player.

    Ive loaded the latest patch and have also loaded the lastest winamp. Please can someone help me out, i love the potential offered by this software, i would hate to have to ditch it.

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    it might just be because you have the latest version of winamp. It should most probably work with any version though..

    Try exiting the new version and then loading up mediacar (so that it can start up the older version that comes with the installation) and see if that works.
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      thanks for your reply, tried it, didnt make any difference, presumably you didnt have any problems with MP3 at all ? the frustrating thing is when i try to play the same MP3s with the winamp in the mediacar directory they play no problem, just not from mediacar