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Hello To All from Newbie!!!

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  • Hello To All from Newbie!!!

    Hi, I have been looking on the forum for a while now and have downloaded MediaCar V1.9 on to my home PC to get a feeling for how it is going to be. Seems great

    First of all I am a complete NOVICE with PC's and hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction.

    I have an old Tiny PC that has the following specifications:-

    Pentium 2 350MHz Processor
    Intel 440BX Chipset
    64MB Fast SDRAM 100MHz
    Onboard Enhanced IDE ???
    DVD Drive
    External 120GB Harddrive- USB mass storage device for MP3, video, etc
    Intergrated Creative labs Wave64 Soundcard
    and have just bought a new graphics card( don't know if it's any good) as you can see via the link:-New Graphics Card I bought this as I needed a TV out.

    It is running WINDOWS 98SE

    I have a Kenwood KVC-1000 head unit with an AUX in via RCA jacks.

    I suppose what I really want to know is, can I use this as a start to my CarPc project???

    Also can i buy an Opus and fit it to this old PC so I can have ignition controlled Start Up-Shut Down and a reliable 12V supply( was going to go the inverter way, but by reading what you all have to say I think the Opus is the best solution, if it works with my PC).

    RE:- THE RADIO- Have read alot about this and seems that I would be best to buy a D Link radio. Can I buy one like this:-D Link Radio and will it work alright???

    What is the best GPS programme for a small 6.5" screen?? I like either Infomap Navigator or Destinator3 (does this work on a PC or just a PDA)??

    I am going to run a Platstation 2 aswell, I already have an Alpine AV switcher for multiple sources. I will have to buy an INVERTER to run this aswell as my external harddrive, what rating one would I need to run both devices and will it be alright to use a double plug??

    One last thing, when I installed MediaCar V1.9 on to my home PC( Windows XP SP2) to try it out there were a few bugs:-

    1 The night/day light didn't work???
    2 I tried to install a Brushed Alfa Romeo skin but could not find the SKINS folder anywhere to put it in???Sorted!!
    (right clicked and EXPLORED Coyote Mediacar and the only folders where LAUNCH and VIDEO STRUCTURE)
    3 The mixer didn't work( I have the latset version of Winamp) but none of the Bass or Treble or Equaliser worked???Sorted!!!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    the opus SFX psu should fit any microatx case perfectly, if ur mobo has an atx connector
    not sure bout the dlink radio, u can download desinator 2 sdk, and the destinator 3 maps off the net, or try the new v3 sdk, which also works with some limitations..
    if ur cluey with electronics u should be able to power the ps2 off the opus psu, thats of course if it doesnt take too much watts?!
    ull probably have to reinstall mediacar as it includeds a skins folder, then in the skins folder ie. default u can edit the general.ini file which has the settings for day/night gamma, etc..
    hope this helps


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      Cheers dude thanks for the info.

      Tried re-installing MediaCar with no avail. I am using V1.9 from Coyote's website plus the patch, do I have to have a previous version installed first as there is still NO skins folder???

      Also where can I get Destinator of the net??